Medical Oxygen Concentrators PSA

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OxGen line imprints DeltaP expertise, reliability and high quality standards. We are proud to present PSA oxygen generators ensuring 93% onsite production of this gas in line with requirements of European Pharmacopoeia. OxGen range of oxygen concentrators and generators deliver optimal conditions and performance for various applications with a special emphasis on source of supply in healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics and industrial applications. Innovations and experience introduce our innovative approach to oxygen generator manufacturing embracing our local technological heritage and unique expertise in the field.

OxGen generators and concentrators are suitable, for use in healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics and industrial application ensuring the following advantages:

  • High Reliability
  • Easy on-site installation
  • Compactly in one place, saving space
  • Low overall investment costs
  • Reduced impact on the installation site
  • Reliable prefabrication under workshop conditions
  • Reduction of chances of errors similar installation at site is not subject to similar quality control
  • Plug and play system on demand
  • Reducing time and labor for installation at site
  • Easy to integrate in a pre-existing pipeline

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